I would highly suggest this venue for anyone looking to host their wedding in a serene countryside setting. Was a wonderful experience for my family."  Howard M  August 2017


"What a wonderful place for a wedding.  My son and his bride took their vows here on Saturday May 20.2017.The hospitality shown to all of us was definitely above and beyond any expectations. I can't thank Doug and Christi Hearne enough for all their willingness to make their day to be remembered and so special.  I would definitely rate it a 10 with no hesitation. What a blessing it was to have great people to work with. I will recommend to anyone needing a great wedding place. Just can't be beat!!! Thank you!! Thank you !!!  Grooms mom,Cindy Dillard"  May 2017


"I did my first session at Red Barn Events last night. I met the owners who were very welcoming and friendly. Very down to earth; they welcomed us to use the property as we wished. Definitely hope to shoot there again soon!"     Alisha R May 2017


"We were getting married in 8 weeks and were looking for somewhere to have our wedding. We had heard of others who were getting married at Red Barn Events in the near future, so we looked into it and loved it. The weekend we wanted to get married was available, which was definitely an added bonus. The price was so reasonable for everything we had available to us. We were very adamant about having our ceremony and reception in one location for ease. The owners were delightful form the moment we met, and were so willing to assist in any way they could. The atmosphere was most definitely Marcus' forte, and even though I said I would never get married in a barn, I could tell that Marcus was very comfortable with the venue and that made me happy as well. I just knew after visiting that this was the venue for us.  I knew I made the right decision when Marcus didn't have any reservation on us booking. Furthermore, as the 8 weeks progressed, and then the follow up after the wedding as well, just made a huge difference. 6 months later, I still feel connected which just continues to let me know that we made the right decision. I was allowed to make this MY wedding, while receiving input from both Doug and Christi. I found what I felt was the perfect spot for our ceremony, and it had never been used before, but it worked, and I had the flexibility to do so. Many other places give you choices, but you have to work from those. It makes a world of difference to have the autonomy and support all at once."     Mary and Marcus Walker November 2017


"Beautiful place, the owners really know how to make you feel like family!"    Jeannie H   May 2017


"Beautiful place with amazing people that were so helpful and so ready to help. They pitched in everywhere they could even letting us use their home. The compassion that they have for what they do is something that you not see a whole lot of anymore. We love them and the place!"     Heather and Andrew Knight  October 2017


"The absolute best. The most precious people you will ever meet. Our daughter will use this venue in October and we can't wait to share this day with Red Barn Events."    Donna K  January 2018


"When we first came across Red Barn Events online we were so thrilled to find a venue that was affordable, and didn’t put a HUGE price tag on everything just because of the word “Wedding”. When we got to the venue, Doug and Christi are what sold it for us. They were so inviting, down to earth, and you could tell that they honestly cared about their bride and grooms from the bottom of their hearts. The fact that the Barn was one of the cutest places I’ve ever seen, and that they had so much spacious, beautiful yard to use also was just an added bonus!  The day of our wedding, one of my bridesmaids showed up with a wrinkly bridesmaid dress (bridesmaids, what can you do with them)! I went to ask Christi if she had a iron or any ideas to help get the wrinkles out. Christi took the dress from me, told me to go back upstairs to get ready, and took her time and ironed the bridesmaids dress for us!!! What other venue would ever treat you that good?"    Jamie and Tristan Williams May 2017


"We were very impressed. Hurricane Matthew was coming and our daughter's wedding was that Saturday and they were wonderful. Every thing was perfect. We had so many compliments. It was inside the barn and so beautiful. I highly recommend this place. Thank you so much!!!"    Janet R  October 2016


"First thing you will notice at this venue are the owners. I can't say enough about the owners they really care about you number one and they care about your event. They are just plain great people to work with. Then there is the venue it's self. The setting is beautiful it is perfect for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, family reunion any kind of party you can think of. Halloween just came to my mind it would a perfect place for a Halloween party since we are going into that season. I was there for a birthday / anniversary party and they had dancing and a huge bonfire it was awesome."    John P September 2016


"Christi and Doug made everything so much more personal than any other venue we toured. Everywhere else it just seemed more like business than what is supposed to be the happiest day of our lives. The Hearne's welcomed us in with open arms, checked on us constantly, and always made sure we were prepared even down to the last minute before the actual wedding. They are so genuine and loving. They made things easy, and all about us and the wedding. The venue was so homey instead of feeling like a business." Bryan and Casey Boone November 2017


"We had a picture of what we wanted our wedding day to look like and the Red Barn gave us exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a fun and exciting yet intimate setting where we could share our big day with friends and family."     Sarah and Joe Maloni October 2015